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Peter J. Burns III “Let me lend you Money”

Money, Money, Money….. https://lnkd.in/eyxzy38 If an entrepreneur (start-up or existing business owner) has no “gas in the tank”…they won’t be in business long…if ever. I solved that issue-completely. If you need unsecured debt and your credit is at a 700 FICO score or more…my lender will lend you up to $175,000 at 0% interest for 12–21 months on a revolving credit line https://lnkd.in/eSTgisz If you have credit issues, we can help…and then lend you the money. www.entcredit.com You have nothing to lose and everything to gain and I should know…I’ve started 150 businesses in 43 years (and counting). See my story at www.peterjburns3.com.


Note: Previously published by Peter J. Burns III on Medium (2019)
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