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Using Tech and the Sharing Economy Model to Expand the Luxury Villa Rental Market…

Recently, I came across a couple of very smart young men who had developed an extraordinary software that allowed them to offer individuals the opportunity to book multi-million dollar vacation villas…one room at a time. This unique methodology allowed those individuals (or couples) the opportunity to enjoy the lifestyle afforded of vacationing in a “full service” luxury villa, often renting for thousands of dollars per night…at the comparable rate of a fine hotel room.

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This software, developed for tens of thousands of dollars and mercilessly beta tested over a variety of platforms and scenarios…makes its debut this month and as soon as next week, our own company (HL Villas) will be offered the chance to beta test it ourselves with our first offering together.

In the proverbial “Sharing Economy” of Uber, AirBNB and even our own start-up of HL Villas with its “Villa Express” innovation…it seems that everyone from Millennials to everyone else is all about sharing assets and saving money…while enjoying the camaraderie that our ever disconnected society has been thrust into for way too long.

The boys from Very.Us operate a platform that seamlessly takes in individual renters interested in staying in a large, well-appointed villa to attend specific events (a la Cochella, The Grand Prix, Masters, et al). The renter is offered a suite in the villa, which is often larger (and certainly more well appointed) than many people’s entire homes(!) at a rate which is comparable or less pricey than the local 5 Star Hotel. The individual shares the often 7 bedroom plus villa with other like-minded individuals, all interested in the concept of “living large for less,” accomplished through this unique offering.

HL Villas has expanded this new tech offering to our own fabulous villas, allowing individuals interested in staying with us to book by the room…even when there is not a big event occurring but just for their own vacation needs. We believe that this alternative will greatly increase the flexibility of booking our villas and open up the rental market to an entirely new demographic of luxury-minded vacationers.

Reach back to me to learn more of this exciting new opportunity.

Note: Previously published by Peter J. Burns III on Medium (2016)
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