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A Call to Action for Service Entrepreneurs

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My current focus is on a sweeping new business that is an “innovative disruptor” in the luxury villa rental business. Specifically, we have engineered a methodology to acquire blocks of unused time in luxury vacation villas around the world through a unique “exchange” program (www.luxuryproductplacement.com) and then to re-market these blocks of time at significant discounts to individuals and affiliate groups seeking “luxury for less.” (www.hlvillas.com). We arbitrage the difference to earn our profits.

Below are 8 specific projects within our new venture, as outlined in recent blogs from my Linked In profile. What I seek to do in this communication is to “fast track” each project with either the same or different teams of professionals that tasks may be delegated to and who are interested in participating as joint venture partners for either equity participation or shared revenue. In effect, each of the 8 projects presented here can and should be independent businesses with separate ownership that fall under the “umbrella” of the new villa business.

To that end, we are looking for:

Web Designer(s) to create an attractive and informational template for each project with top SEO strategies built-in.

Professional content writer(s)/copywriter(s) to produce web content, blogs, email blasts, auto-responder replies and other communications like banner ads.

Lead generation experts to develop email campaigns, online key word marketing, retargeting campaigns,

Graphics artist(s) to coordinate the “look” for each campaign, design logos, work with the web designer(s) banner ad development.

Research and Development experts to assemble key lists of specific targets to contact in select marketing campaigns and to develop vendor suppliers with favorable price points for the Company.

Business plan/financing plan writer(s) to prepare initial and ongoing plans, complete with spreadsheets and financial planning included.

Professional sales team to “close” luxury villa vacation leads and to acquire additional client inventory. These “clients” include villa inventory, affiliate groups, luxury manufacturers and vendors, bespoke tour operators, event planners, luxury real estate brokers, incentive group tour operators, luxury goods and services with compatible client lists.

Project Manager(s) to oversee and direct personnel to execute required tasks for each project from inception to conclusion.

Compensation to those professionals accepted for these projects will be through hourly or project charges and/or bonuses through shared revenue or split equity per project. Each case will be different.

The 8 Projects that require assembling a Team are below:

Luxury Realtors Using Villa Stays as “Bait”

Jets and Villas as Model for New Combinations

Luxury Pet Transport

Event Mansion Rentals “by the room”

Inventive Group Travel-Switching Villas for 5 Star Hotels

Cross-Marketing to Complementary Client Bases

Luxury Good Product Placement Model


Bespoke Tours Switching Villas for 5 Star Hotels

The villa company has been in existence since April 2015 and been in beta since then. With only a rudimentary web site and the two founders as staff…this business generated nearly $500k in sales, posted a net in the 20%-30% range and has recently negotiated significant exclusive agreements for world class inventories and marketing partnerships.

It is believed that the Company will take its place as one of the largest and certainly the most profitable villa marketing companies in the world within the next 18 months and we are looking for our Team to start growing with us…right now.

Contact me directly and include your CV if interested in any of the aforementioned opportunities. Please be specific in identifying each Project and skill set you offer.


Thank you,

Peter Burns

Business Development

Note: Previously published by Peter J. Burns III on Medium (2016)
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