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Luxury Group Homes Provide Dignity and Comfort for All Ages – Peter J. Burns III

Peter J. Burns III is a successful serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. Burns lives by the principle belief that to truly do well, it is critical to perform acts of kindness for others. As a self-made multimillionaire, Burns has deep pockets and access to a vast network of influential individuals. Therefore, he is able to do a great deal of good for others.

While Peter J. Burns III continuously powers a range of new and pioneering projects, Luxury Group Homes is an especially innovative and beneficial endeavor. If you have not heard of Luxury Group Homes yet, you definitely should know about this enterprising project and its potential to help countless people.

Truly Fair Housing

Firstly, it is important to understand that “group home” refers to a housing entity in which multiple non-related individuals live together. Often, group homes house elderly people who need extra care. Unfortunately, many people find traditional group homes less than satisfactory. Traditional group homes are not always comfortable living places, and moving to a traditional group home may require a new resident to move far from his or her community, where HOAs and similar groups may be reluctant to accept the establishment of a group home.

However, the Fair Housing Act (FHA) was created to ensure that protected groups, such as people with disabilities, would not be subject to discrimination in terms of housing. Peter J. Burns III, who wholeheartedly supports the aging population and individuals with disabilities, envisioned Luxury Group Homes as an alternative to traditional group homes. The Luxury Group Homes project abides by the FHA and is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Luxury Group Homes offers residents with excellent care, social activity, and gourmet meals in sophisticated settings. Because of the FHA, Luxury Group Homes may be built almost anywhere, and are a solution to the problem of elderly people being driven from the neighborhoods in which they planned to retire. Individuals absolutely deserve to live with dignity; reaching a certain age or needing extra support should never drive a person to accept unsatisfactory living conditions.

The Premier Luxury Group Home

Burns’s first Phoenix Luxury Group Home is pictured above.

The first Luxury Group Home developed by Peter J. Burns III and his associates is an assisted living mansion built to accommodate 10 residents. The property is located in Phoenix, Arizona. It features sumptuous private rooms, elegant group spaces, first-class guest quarters, a swimming pool, a lush lawn, and a serenely private chapel.

Above: an interior view of a sitting room inside Burns’s signature Phoenix property.

This historic mansion was the largest private property in Arizona when it was built in 1929. The building has been fully updated with the highest-quality modern comforts by Peter J. Burns III’s trusted, established developers in order to provide residents with the excellence they deserve. The development is intended to be just one of several Luxury Group Homes which will provide the same exceptional care and white glove service.

Pioneering Plans for the Future

In order to serve more individuals with tasteful, peaceful surroundings in their later years, Peter J. Burns III is currently planning other luxury residences. Potential lenders are encouraged to invest in this project, which will positively impact the lives of many. Because lenders fund up to 90% LTV of the real estate portion of Luxury Group Homes acquisitions, the barrier to entry is significantly lowered for potential investors. To find more information about this project, including blueprints, figures, and ways to invest, visit www.luxurygrouphomes.com.

Luxury Group Homes is made possible, in part, by Burn$ Funding. Click here to find other investment opportunities and sound financial solutions. Read more about Peter J. Burns III and his pioneering projects and businesses at www.peterjburnsiii.com.

Article by L.K. Bright, MLS & MLIS

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