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Why You Should Become an Entrepreneur

Peter J. Burns III started his first successful company as a teen. Today, this accomplished serial entrepreneur has built over 150 profitable companies and continues to create new startups. Burns has inspired many individuals through his entrepreneurship courses at Grand Canyon University and Arizona State University’s Barrett Honors College. 

He also empowers entrepreneurs through his companies, such as Burn$ Funding. Because Peter J. Burns III values the entrepreneurial community and the innovation and drive it takes to become an entrepreneur, he hopes to encourage others to follow their own dreams.

Here is an overview of some of the top reasons you should become an entrepreneur:

  1. As an entrepreneur, your creativity is unlimited.

Individuals who work in traditional corporate settings are often limited and are only allowed to accomplish certain tasks in certain ways. By becoming an entrepreneur, you free yourself from those limitations, and you are only limited by your own  imagination and desires.

  1. You are free to pursue your own passion.

When you create our own job in order to spend your time doing what you love, not only will you work harder, but you will truly enjoy your work. The money you earn as an entrepreneur is just one reward of many. For many individuals, seeing their own ideas succeed and meeting their own goals is far more exhilarating than working to objective outlined by someone else.

  1. Setting your own schedule is terrific.

Are you tired of working 9-5? Then don’t. The flexible schedule of an entrepreneur is appealing and beneficial to a wide range of individuals. Whether you are a college student taking several courses, a young mother, or any other person, your personal life can be demanding. Take back your life by working during the time that it is most convenient for you to be productive. 

  1. You DO have access to the funding you need.

Many would-be entrepreneurs watch from the sidelines, too afraid to build their own burgeoning startups or to bring their ideas to life, because they do not have access to capital. Yes, you need funds to start your business, but you have options. Burn$ Funding is there to provide the financial support you need to become a flourishing entrepreneur.

How Burn$ Funding can help:

Burn$ Funding was designed by Peter J. Burns III for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Burns has been in business for over 4 decades and during that time, he has recognized that funding has always been the stumbling block for so many entrepreneurs. That’s why Peter created Burn$ Funding – to provide financing and create resources for entrepreneurs and businesses at rates that can’t be beaten.

Thousands of individuals have benefitted from the advice of Peter J. Burns III, as well as from the opportunities he offers through Burn$ Funding. “If the entrepreneur is on the edge of creating a successful business and just needs a little debt financing to dig out of a hole, or grow the business, we are prepared to help,” says Burns. 

So, what can Burn$ Funding can do for you?

These are just some of the programs the business offers to entrepreneurs:

  1. The Entrepreneurs Credit Card Program:
  • Get up to five times the financing that other lenders offer, with better rates and quicker approval.
  • The custom program can get you up to $175,000 unsecured credit.
  • Pay 0% interest for the first 12 months.
  1. Bridge loans:
  • Pay off your debt with a bridge loan so you can improve your credit.
  • As a result, you will become eligible for additional credit lines that can fund your business.
  1. Special credit repair offers:
  • Peter J. Burns III’s business has partnered with outstanding, reputable credit repair agencies. 
  • Because of the trust these agencies have with Burns, you are far more likely to get approval via these agencies than if you were to attempt to repair your credit on your own.

Learn more about Peter J. Burns III and find opportunities to invest and become involved by visiting his site: www.peterjburnsiii.com.

Find out about all that Burn$ Funding has to offer here: www.burnsfunding.com.

Article by L.K. Bright, MLS & MLIS

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