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An innovative businessman of present era – Peter J. Burns III

An innovative businessman in the present era is not hard to find, but still there are rare who actually deserve to be called as innovative businessmen. They are supposed to be having some particular qualities that make them different from other ordinary businessmen. Peter J. Burns III is one of such businessmen who really deserve to be called as innovative businessmen.


Club Entrepreneur:

In some of the past years, Peter J. Burns III was the one who founded different clubs like Burns founded Club Entrepreneur, Club E Office, Club E Exchange and the most recent of all Club E Ventures. Club Entrepreneur is basically as association which deals with entrepreneurs. It was initiated by Peter J. Burns III. Initially, there were nineteen students who worked with him. They were from the Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University. Since then, the members have increased up to seven thousand, all over the world. There are almost four thousand and five hundred alone in the region of Arizona. It is the greatest network of entrepreneurs in the country.

Club E Office:

In club E Office, such an environment is provided where the collaboration, sharing and growing of entrepreneurs is encouraged. It is basically a co-working office environment.  Making this club as a source, Peter J. Burns III offers an access of the entrepreneurs to obtain the opportunities and resources in the field of education and knowledge seeking. This is done through different events like workshops, seminars, professional consultations, etc.

Club E Exchange:

Club E Exchange is basically a network, which is considered to be a barter network. It allows the owners of business to manage and control their inventory, capacity, etc. in a better way. This is done and mean while the development of a new business also carries on with a revenue exchange that is non-cashable. The revenue exchange is either of products or services. Most of the barter companies and organizations charge about three hundred to six hundred dollars as initiation fee; however the members of Club E Exchange can join this club without paying any money. There is no monthly fee or any fee after six months as well. There is a great contribution of Peter J. Burns 3 in all this.

Club E Ventures:

There is a joint component for the venture of Club Entrepreneur. It is the Club E Venture. Such opportunities are provided by it that are considered to be appropriate, financially and economically viable and according to the alignment of the aims, missions, plans, visions and values of the Club E. As a lot of opportunities are offered by Club Entrepreneur on regular basis, a process is established by Club E that is intentional and systematic. It is presented for the analysis, establishment and operationalization of JVs.  There is also a great role of Peter J. Burns 3 in all these things.

Peter J. Burns 3 is the founder of all the above mentioned clubs. All this is a great achievement for Peter J. Burns 3.

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