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Peter J. Burns III – the Real Businessman


Beginning at the age of nineteen, Peter J. Burns III, has started, bought and sold and operated well over the hundred businesses or enterprises In literally dozens of places in markets. Nantucket Island was the home city of Peter where he initially starts the business. Importing mopeds were the first business that he started from the Austria. After earning 55000 Dollars, he left their job and set up a shop in Florida, Sanibel Island for the winter weather. And finally, Peter J. Burns III expended into hundred markets such as St. Kiyys, Key West, Maui, Boothbay Harbor and also adding rental items like roller blades, Harley Davidson motorcycle, bicycles and exotic cars to his rental speedy.

Peter J. Burns III puts out their entrepreneurial fire to several businesses as open a genes retail clothing store, magazine publishing by using the unique format, acquired and invented business,real estate, started the first email marketing firm, started the first eFactory, Club E Office (entrepreneurial resource centers ) and in the Grand Canyon University, he invented the nation’s first accredited college of entrepreneurial.


In the US Army, Peter J. Burns III worked as an infantry soldier, he was appointed to the US military Academy, went through the USMAPS (United Stated Military Academy Preparatory School), and he won an army four year ROTC scholarship and get the admission in the university of the Virginias school of commerce. At the age of twenty nine when was the youngest selected for the Harvard business school’s in the owners and president’s management program.

Peter J. Burns 3 has been displayed in hundreds of Newspapers articles, Fox business news, National business, magazines, television and radio, including the wall street journal, Entrepreneur magazines, CNN and the Phonix business journal.

In the last twenty years, Peter J. Burns 3 invented the largest competitive rental chain in all over the world, and starts more than a hundred locations around the Carinnean and United States by expanding their rental items integrate and mixing at the beach stores with individual rental business. Since his primary inroad in the business market, he has been complicated with more than hundred businesses, it may be either by starting, expanding, running, or selling or buying them.

In 1987, Peter J. Burns 3 joins the member of YEO. Currently  YEO is one of the largest network of business and entrepreneurs in all over the world. In 2006, he started a club, namely entrepreneurs club, carrying entrepreneurs, specialist and employees together to talk about the latest or upcoming opportunities and explore their business. After making a eFactor/Club E-Office models and Club Entrepreneur, Peter J. Burns 3 set up ” E International Club”, a licensing format which functions club entrepreneur in Florida, Georgia and Arizona. He is a successful business in all over the world and takes a good position in the business industry. He always tries to give their best and it makes him a successful business. Several problems and issues comes into his life, but he has never defeated from them, he struggled with them and today is a successful business man worldwide.

Peter J. Burns III excellent Online profile.

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